Christian Jeppsson wins GGPoker Super MILLION$

The GGPoker Super MILLION$ has come to an end, with Christian Jeppsson earning the first-place finish. He entered the final table with the chip lead and used it to make it to the heads-up round where he faced off against Thomas Muehloecker. It wouldn’t be long before Jeppsson won the event, taking home just over $291,000 for his efforts.

Details of the Event

Mark Radoja was the first to go after losing out to Ioannis Droushiotis with A-K. Droushiotis held jacks and they held firm, giving him the hand and Radoja became the first casualty. Malcolm Trayner was net to go after taking on Juanki Vecino.

After a few more eliminations, it would be Jeppsson and Muehloecker remaining. The two were close in chips with Muehloecker holding a slight lead. It wouldn’t be long before Jeppsson got level with his opponent, but neither could pull ahead enough to try to make a move.

It would take a crazy hand to give Jeppsson the advantage and he would take it and not look back. On the hand, Muehloecker held eight of clubs and the board had four clubs. It looked like the hand would go to him, but Jeppsson showed a Jack of clubs. His slightly higher card gave him the better flush and the chip lead.

On the final hand of the GGPoker event, Muehloecker would move all-in with K-9. He would be called by Jeppsson with A-2 of diamonds. A two and two diamonds on the flop pretty much secured Jeppsson the and. The Jack of diamonds on the turn secured it and Muehloecker would have to settle for second place, giving Jeppsson the victory.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results:

1st           Christian Jeppsson           $291,188

2nd          Thomas Muehloecker      $227,406

3rd           leeel                                     $177,594

4th           Ioannis Droushiotis         $138,694

5th           Jans Arends                       $108,314

6th           Juanki Vecino                   $84,588

7th           Daniel Dvoress                  $66,060

Christian Jeppsson wins GGPoker Super MILLION$

8th           Malcolm Trayner              $51,590

9th           Mark Radoja                      $40,290

Omaholic Series

The online poker room is now preparing for its next big event. On November 14, the site will kick off the Omaholic Series, offering players action through the 28th with $5 million in guaranteed prize money up for grabs.

There will be plenty of bounty gaming, including the Omaholic Bounty HR with a $525 buy-in and $100,000 in total prize money. There is a Mini Bounty MILLION$ with a $5.25 buy-in and $100,000 prize pool along with another Bounty MILLION$ with a $52.50 buy-in and $250,000 prize pool.

Check out the full details of the upcoming series at GGPoker. Events along with times and buy-ins, plus prize money are listed.